Friday, November 8, 2013

Look Mankind In The Eye...

I found a beautiful web site dedicated to the work of Jimmy Nelson called Before They Pass Away.  Lovely photos and information about the photographer.  Wonderful to explore, this site contains a great deal of information on the photos, the people and the culture they come from.  These are the last tribes on Earth in their native clothing and adornment.  Nelson does an unbelievable job of documenting these people in their own environments.  There is an art book available in a couple of different formats.  It is somewhat pricey, but I have no doubt that it would be worth it.  Please check it out, it really is breathtaking.

Dancers may specifically be interested in seeing the photos and information on the tribes of India and Nepal in relation to the jewelry they wear, but every one of the journeys and tribes portrayed on this site is a trip into another world.

"Look mankind in the eye, before he disappears forever."

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